Data Analyst stage

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Site Air Liquide Healthcare Netherlands

Data analysts can make recommendations about efficiency of operations organisation. That will help the company to better understand customers and internal operations. They are at the center of the company. We are looking for an intern to:

– Lead projects that link Data and Operations
– Automate tasks thanks to Python and/or JavaScript
– Collect data from different ERP and IT systems and process it
– Work with teams to define the data available / needed
– Develop, put in place and improve processes
– Understand data details, challenge data and interpret results
– Create dashboard reports
– Analyse reports, KPIs, identify trends and reporting

A new ERP has recently been deployed, migration of data has been made and some automatic reports are available. The goal will be to analyse the data and follow a brand new operational process in contact with the different operational teams (planification, drivers, nurses, customer service). You will have to:
– Identify the key and critical topics to be improved
– Propose improvements with the operational teams
– Test them and train the teams
– Measure the results and adjust

Air Liquide, leader in gas, technologies and services for industry and healthcare, is present in more than 80 countries with more than 60 000 employees. It deserves more than 2 millions of customers and patients. Oxygen, nitrogen and hydrogen have been at the heart of the company’s business since its inception in 1902.
AirLiquide Healthcare is a home healthcare provider, delivering solutions to help patients in their therapies such as sleep apnea, oxygen treatment or diabetes. AirLiquide Healthcare ambition is to be the leader in its market, delivering long term performance and acting responsibly.

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