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The professionals within the Digital cluster of Accenture Technology work together with our clients to implement all sorts of digital technologies. You can think of: Business Intelligence, AI, front end development, Big Data, Internet of Things applications, Data Science, mobile apps, Data Management, Machine Learning, full stack development and Data Mining. Put your expertise to work as part of the world’s largest independent technology services provider and lead the way as a trendsetter in your field. We’re ready if you are!

The Accenture Technology Digital cluster consists of several areas:

Data Driven Insights – Data Warehousing, BI, Visual and Big Data Analytics
Data Management – Data Security/GDPR, Data Migration, Master Data Management, Data Governance, Data Quality 
Interactive – eCommerce (Hybris, Sales Force Commerce Cloud), Content (Adobe), Modern Web (React, Angular, Node, uServices), Python, Java
Enterprise/Industry X.0 – BPM, Case Management, Automation

Your Job

Within Digital it is very important to keep up with the newest technologies and latest developments in the market. Therefore we are looking for interns to perform research on these topics and create a proof of concept to show what the technical implementation looks like.

This vacancy can be seen as “Bring Your Assignment”. What do you think you can contribute to digital innovation at Accenture? What do you think Accenture needs to better interact with clients and the market? How can we help clients transform their business to a digital business? Keep in mind that the assignment should contribute to the development of the Digital cluster and the available assets. With the assignment you need to show that you understand what type of company Accenture is, who our clients are and what we do.

If you apply to this vacancy, send us your idea of a good assignment. This should consist of two parts:

Research proposal. What is it that you are going to investigate? What is the hypothesis you are going to challenge? What (hypothetical) business issue are you going to solve? In most cases this part is aimed at what you need to graduate from university
Technical implementation. In what way are you going to support your research technically? With this part you show you understand what it means to be part of Accenture Technology and transform ideas into technical feasible solutions

If this sparks our interest, this will be the basis of your interview with one of our experts. During the interview the assignment will be made more concrete.

Your team
Accenture Technology leverages design thinking, industry insights, and the latest digital methodologies to help our clients innovate, grow, and improve their businesses. Our expertise, capabilities, and experience mean that our clients (including some of the biggest brands in the world) trust us to find the right solutions for their needs.

Together with talented international colleagues, you will be focusing on connecting the needs of businesses with new possibilities that come with technological progress. Because that’s where the real challenges are: inventing and testing things that have never been tried before, getting new applications ready for roll-out, and ultimately guiding our clients to select and apply the right technologies to transform their businesses.

As an intern you will become part of the Accenture Technology Digital Talent Factory. This is a community in which all interns working for the several areas of the Digital cluster can collaborate. Apart from collaboration, that should lead to synergy, several events such as site visits and intern lunches will be organized.

If you start working as an intern you will run your project for an internal client who will be the owner of your assignment. For the daily reporting and support a buddy will be assigned to you.