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AWL is a systems integrator of state of the art automated high-t

AWL is always looking for ambitious young engineers that combine cleverness with creativity. Within the R&D department you will be able to apply detailed in-depth technical knowledge in combination with ‘out of the box’ thinking to develop processes, techniques and products for our customers


In today’s complex economy, modularization and easy to use software is the key to business success and profitability. In order to make this possible, software must be designed and developed to support in complex tasks.

Within AWL machines are automated by using industrial robots. The path of the robot is very critical. Accuracy is important to achieve the process requirements. The Crosshair is overlay application projecting a cross on a camera stream.

In this assignment the Crosshair application should be improved. The application should be able to connect to 2D cameras (by using OpenCV) and to detect weld seams (e.g. edges). Within a web-based visualization the user should select points on these edges and create snapshots of them (screenshot/cross specifications). The user should be able to load these snapshots to check if the selected points are still on the correct position.

The second part of the assignment is to give user feedback in case the loaded snapshot is not on the correct position. What is the offset (how many millimeters? In which direction(s))? What are the possibilities/limitations when the camera is mounted on a robot?

Level of the assignment

  • Education level: B.S degree (or higher) in (Technical) Computer Science
  • Innovative with excellent problem solving capabilities
  • Complete technical tasks related to machine vision
  • Design and implement software programs (backend / frontend)
  • To perform this job successfully you must be competent in English verbal and written communication skills

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