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AWL is a systems integrator of state of the art automated high-t

AWL is always looking for ambitious young IT-Business specialists that combine cleverness with creativity. Within the IT department you will be able to apply detailed in-depth technical knowledge in combination with ‘out of the box’ thinking to develop processes, techniques and products for our internal customers


In today’s complex economy, agility is the key to business success and profitability. In order to make this possible, our IT landscape must be more agile, connected and up-to-date. To support this we must invest in improving our Master Data.

Our current landscape is organically grown in the past 15 years and is highly customized to accommodate specific business needs. During this time development was not always aligned on master data. Ownership of processes and applications is growing but ownership and stewardship of information and data is new to AWL.

To support business needs in the future several key components within our landscape, ERP, PLM, CRM are in need of a revision. This revision will lead to data migration and conversion where we need proper Master data to support this.

The goal of this project is to research Master data Management and governance. Next you will benchmark AWL against existing frameworks. You will develop an implementation plan and make the first steps in the execution of this.

AWL thinks we need to take one step at the time because of resource constraints and change readiness. At the same time we want to take all steps at once. So this assignment is not only

Level of the assignment

  • Study: Information engineering, Business informatics, Technology management.
  • Innovative with excellent problem solving capabilities
  • Interest in Big Data, Master Data
  • To perform this job successfully you must be competent in English verbal and written communication skills

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