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Blockchain Web Application Pharox RTS

The Spark! – Living Lab aims to explore the application of data sharing technologies (e.g. blockchain, IoT) in supply chain and logistics to support and advance the circular economy. The project develops a virtual repository for blockchain knowledge to support SMEs in developing use-cases and experiment with blockchain applications in supply chain and logistics. The ambition of the experienced consortium is to build a community of interested stakeholders and to connect current and future related blockchain initiatives to the living lab.

A Spark! use case
Use cases are the core elements of the lab. They are built based on specific challenges proposed by SMEs involved in one or more supply chain. The point of a use case is, while solving the problem proposed by the (group of) stakeholders, to create and disseminate learnings about data sharing technologies and their use or impact in supply chains. A use case of the Spark! – Living Lab always involve the development of a prototype/proof of concept and/or experimentation in real life situations.

Pharox is a company bringing smart data in real time to supply chain companies. One of their current project concern Returnable Transport Packaging (RTP) and the digitalization of their administration. RTP is a multi-trip packaging medium (for example, pallets or containers) in which goods can be transported more than once between vendors and customers. Crucial for the good functioning of every supply chain, their handling and administration can be complicated and a lot of inefficiencies happen every day. Pharox wants to improve those processes by means of their IoT solution. Part of the Spark living lab, Pharox will work on a use case this September working on the prototyping of a blockchain application. However, if blockchain seems like an obvious helper in tackling the problem, it is not sure yet which data is important to be collected to best help the RTP problem.

Your work
In this project, your role will consist of the following tasks:

  • Develop the first blockchain-based prototype enabling the management of RTPs for Pharox’ customers
  • Work closely with Pharox team to get an understanding of which data are actually of use in the improvement of the administration of RTPs
  • Analyze the potential impact of blockchain within Pharox RTPs
  • Work closely with the Spark living lab teams to analyze the future of Blockchain, ML & AI for Pharox & RTPs

Who are you
You are a student in HBO or WO

You are studying Web development, Internet of Things, Data Sciences, Supply chain Management


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