Laminator – Paper Honeycomb

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Paper honeycomb material is used as core material for providing inside structure for products with high demands for light weight, strength and cost. Applications include interior doors, furniture, automotive parts and packaging materials.

The honeycomb arrives at the customers in a compacted form on a roll or pallet and requires expanding to get the correct opening of the cells. After expanding of the honeycomb the moisture percentage within the material needs to be reduced in a dry oven before it can be processed. The process of expanding and drying of the honeycomb will be combined in a single machine, based on a continuous process with variable throughput speeds, ranging up to 200 m/min. After drying of the honeycomb in the oven, the honeycomb material enters the laminator, where surface paper is glued on both top and bottom of the honeycomb. Laminating ensures that the honeycomb structure remains in its expanded shape.

The goal of this assignment is to design a laminator that is capable of unwinding the surface paper from the standard roll on which the paper is delivered, quickly changing to a new roll when the previous roll is empty and gluing the surface paper on the honeycomb material.

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